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Sophie Yu, a 25-year-old Chinese immigrant, lost her right arm and leg after fainting and falling onto New York City subway tracks and being struck by an oncoming train.

The tragic accident occurred on Wednesday afternoon, and as of Saturday, Yu was still hospitalized. The subway driver saw the her fall and slammed on the brakes, but was unable to stop the train in time. Shortly after her fall, she regained consciousness and remained alert while subway workers pulled  her out from beneath the train. She was then rushed to a nearby hospital in critical, but stable, condition.

“Her family is devastated,” one of her friends said. “There’s a lot of stuff they need to figure out right now […] She’s going to have a lot to go through.”

Yu’s parents were set to come to New York this weekend to check in on her and help her recover from the devastating injuries.

“Oh my God, no!” the doorman at the her apartment building said after hearing the news. “She’s so quiet. She’s very friendly. She laughs at almost anything you tell her.”

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