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Twitter can be a place of hate-mongering and mean spirits, but then there are moments that make hearts smile.

Reagan Lee and her now-viral tweet made one of those moments happen.

The 16-year-old Cobb County teen spent three months personalizing every single page of a Bible for her boyfriend as a Christmas gift. She highlighted verses, drew in the margins and made notes about what he could learn from select portions.

So at 10:23 p.m. on Christmas Eve, she tweeted out pictures of her hard work to her 150 followers.

As of Thursday morning, the post had more than 87,000 retweets and 288,000 likes. It was also featured on Buzzfeed and The Blaze.

“I just thought it was cute and I like showing people the nice things I do for my boyfriend, [and] let everyone know we are in a happy relationship,” she told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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So, safe to say, people saw it.

She came up with the idea after her boyfriend, 18-year-old Garrett Chisum, gave her his own personal Bible with a few highlighted verses to help her get through a tough time.

Like any self-respecting artsy teenager, she went to Pinterest for ideas.

“I highlighted what I thought would be important for him to know,” the teen said.

As expected, her boyfriend loved the gift.

“He was just smiling a lot and gave me a really big hug,” she said.

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And he wasn’t the only who liked it. The post garnered nearly 1,000 responses.

“Most have been very positive, there has been hate, but the positivity completely trumps it,” she said.

Her Twitter account is usually filled with all-caps announcements and sunsets and puppies with the amount of retweets and likes commensurate with someone who has only had 16 years on Earth to know people.

Lee’s tweet a couple weeks ago about the couple celebrating 11 months together pulled in 22 likes and a mere pair of retweets.

She said they’ve both almost always been religious. She strayed away from her faith but said that Chisum reintroduced her to it.

He’d ask for a Bible as a Christmas gift, but he certainly couldn’t have expected what his girlfriend made him.

Her favorite annotation is of red and blue characters making a point about judgement “because I think not judging others simply because they are not like you is very important and something everyone should live by.”

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