As far as horrifying ways to die, this has to be near the top even though authorities aren’t clear how a woman caught fire inside an apartment before being found dead on the toilet with burns covering 70 percent of her body, according to police.

The woman, 53, was apparently cooking a meal for her fiancé and his 10-year-old son on Sunday afternoon when she mysteriously caught on fire while she was apparently alone in the kitchen of the Bronx apartment.

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The man and his son smelled smoke wafting through the apartment. They ran into the kitchen and though the stovetop was still burning, the woman was no longer there.

Then the husband-to-be and his son made the gruesome discovery — they found his bride-to-be sitting on the toilet and on fire. They doused the woman with water, according to WABC-TV and called 911, but the woman was pronounced dead at the scene, according to amNewYork.

The police told the New York Daily News that how the fire started remains a mystery and that is under investigation by the FDNY. The woman’s identity has not been released.

Bride-to-be found in the bathroom in flames after her fiancé smelled smoke in their apartment AP Photo/Mark Lennihan