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When asked at a Wednesday morning press conference in New York City when he would release his much talked about tax returns, President-elect Donald Trump grew visibly annoyed as he criticized members of the media as the only ones who cared about his tax returns.

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“Nobody cares about my taxes,” Trump explained to the gathered group of media and advisors after joking that he had never heard a question about his taxes before.

“Oh gee I’ve never heard that,” Trump said, sarcastically.

Trump then repeated his normal response about his taxes, that because they were under audit he could not release them.

“I’m not releasing tax returns because they’re under audit… you know, the only ones who care about my tax returns are the reporters,” he said.

To great applause, Trump explained that the American people didn’t care about his taxes, and that proof of that could be found in his presidential victory: “I won…I became president.”

“I think you care,” Trump said to members of the press.

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