On Monday, President-elect Donald Trump reportedly met with retired General David Petraeus in New York to discuss the possibility of Petraeus becoming Secretary of State.

In 2015, Petraeus pleaded guilty to the charge of mishandling classified material, a crime similar to what Trump and his supporters accused Trump’s political rival of doing for several years.

Throughout 2015 and 2016, Trump railed against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her alleged mishandling of classified material. After several congressional and FBI investigations into Clinton’s impropriety, she was never charged with a crime. Now, it seems that mishandling classified material may not be enough to disqualify someone from the Trump administration.

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Petraeus is latest person rumored to be in the running to become the next Secretary of State. Other possibilities include former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

When news of the Petraeus-Trump meeting was released, detractors of the president-elect had a field day on social media. Many of them don’t understand how Trump could even remotely consider someone who plead guilty to a crime that was so close to the allegation against Clinton, which Trump felt made her unfit for office.

“But… but… emails. Or something. What an age of fraud and mendacity we live in,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Considering Petraeus for SoS basically means Trump’s outrage over Hillary’s emails was fake… But thinking people knew that already,” another raged.

Donald Trump’s latest rumored pick for Secretary of State has some people calling him a hypocrite (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)
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