NEW YORK — An unknown prankster has taken the name of President-elect Donald Trump out of the New York tower that bears his name, renaming it “Dump Tower” on Google Maps as of Saturday night.

It was not immediately clear when the change was made. Users started to notice the change Saturday, with people taking to social media around 2 p.m. to spread the news, WPIX reported.

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A Google Maps search for midtown Manhattan’s Trump Tower brings users to the location on 5th Avenue, but the maps shows its name as “Dump Tower.”

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KXTV reported that a similar change was made to Google Maps for users searching for the Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York – which was renamed to “Dump International Hotel and Tower” – although that change appeared to have been wiped by 11 p.m. Saturday.

Trump Tower spans 58 stories in New York City. It serves as the headquarters for The Trump Organization, for which Trump serves as chairman and president. The tower also has a 3-story penthouse, which Trump and his wife, Melania, live in.

For a short time last night, “Dump Tower” showed up on Google Maps, thanks to one prankster @lesleyabravanal/Twitter Screenshot
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