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MURFREESBORO, Ark. — A father and daughter who traversed more than half the country in search of gemstones had a stroke of luck last week when they found a 2.03-carat diamond.

Dan Frederick and his daughter, Lauren, found “The Lucky Diamond” after searching Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas for less than an hour.

“It really was the cherry on top of a fun and special trip with my dad,” Lauren Frederick said. “Finding the diamond will be one of my favorite memories, especially since my dad and I found it together.”

The Fredericks, of Renton, Washington, are no strangers to gem hunting. In a news release from the Arkansas State Parks Department, Lauren Frederick said that she and her father “have always loved to hunt for gems” and often search for agates along the coast of Washington.

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“Naturally, we had always wanted to go to Arkansas to dig for diamonds,” she said. “As much as we have talked about the trip and planned it out, I think we’re still kind of in shock that we found something as big and beautiful as our ‘Lucky Diamond.'”

The Fredericks arrived at the park Monday morning after researching “places to find gems” online and planning a trip from there.

Less than an hour into their visit, Dan Frederick noticed a sparkle three feet from where he stood in the park’s north end. When he went to investigate the spot, on the side of a plowed furrow near the Star of Arkansas diamond marker, he found a 2.03-carat white diamond.

“This is an example of a diamond that all park visitors dream of taking home,” park interpreter Betty Coors said.

The father and daughter duo plan to keep their find.

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