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MIAMI — A Polish man collapsed at Miami International Airport in September and was rushed to the hospital where detectives said doctors found 53 sacks filled with cocaine in his stomach.

The Miami Herald reports Waldemar Wojtczak, 45, was formally charged on Monday with cocaine trafficking and using commercial transport while committing a felony. Authorities said he had been flying to Finland from Trinidad with a layover in Miami when he fell ill on Sept. 4.

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In the hospital, detectives said. 53 small rubber sacks filled with cocaine were recovered from his stomach. Their contents totaled nearly half a kilo of the narcotic. Wojtczak spoke little English, but told the doctor that he had “ingested cocaine” while being taken to the hospital, the Herald added.

The Miami Herald reports Wojtczak “lingered for days in an intensive care unit” as he was unable to pass the pellets, which caused him health problems. He pleaded not guilty on Monday.

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