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LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — Some senior pranks cause damage to school property or end up with someone getting hurt. Other senior pranks are just harmless fun, like the stunt successfully pulled off by students at Little Rock Christian Academy.

A group dubbed “The Pineapple Pack” bought a shirt with a pineapple print and managed to hand it off to group members on yearbook photo day. As a result, the yearbook is filled with many grinning boys wearing the same pineapple shirt.

About 25 students in the 2016 class at Little Rock Christian Academy decided to pull a yearbook joke and wear the shirts with pineapples splattered all over. “I’m going to be interested to see how many people copy us,” said Will Clark, a junior at Little Rock Christian Academy.

The boys said they just did it to get a laugh and to see if they could get on TV. They probably didn’t expect to get more than a million shares on social media. Lately many high schools have gotten caught up in more offensive yearbook situations, including racial issues. These teens just wanted to have fun without causing an uproar.

Members of the group said there was no exclusivity in the prank. Anyone could wear the shirt, but because the prank was planned at the last minute, word did not get around to everyone in time. When these kids grow up they can show their kids how wild and crazy they really were, and their parents can proudly show the world how clever their kids turned out to be.