Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo with the Las Vegas Police department said in a news conference Monday that the gunman in the Vegas music festival shooting shot a security guard before gunning down concert goers.

The Los Angeles Times reported that officials had credited the guard, Jesus Campus, with stopping the assault.

Steven Paddock, 64, was on the 32nd floor offthe Mandalay Bay hotel Oct. 1 when he began shooting into the crowd at the festival.

Previously, officials credited Campus with stopping the assault. According to officials, Campus distracted the gunman from continuing to shoot victims when he was checking on an open door alert for another room. Paddock, 64, was on the 32nd floor off the Mandalay Bay hotel when he began the shooting.

Officials say they don’t know why the attack stopped. Lombardo said police didn’t know Campus was shot “until they met him in the hallway after exiting the elevator.”

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Las Vegas gunman’s first victim was shot in the hotel, not at the festival, say police AP Photo/John Locher, File
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