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A Texas man has come forward claiming that he successfully tracked and gunned down the legendary beast known as Bigfoot in 2012. Rick Dyer of San Antonio has preserved Bigfoot’s body for over a year and a half and claims he has done extensive testing on the animal. Though Dyer won’t release any of this testing to the public, he assures that it is real. It is worth noting that five years ago Dyer tried to pawn off a rubber ape suit as Bigfoot.

The pathological Texan claims that he will release the body to the public when the time is right. In the meantime, Dyer has released one photograph and a series of videos showing people’s reactions to seeing the body.

Though I am no Photoshop expert, it seems that Dyer’s Bigfoot has more than a few stylistic similarities to the white walkers’ on Game of Thrones.

White Walker


Alleged Bigfoot


Just a reminder folks: Bigfoot is not real. If he were real however, he would have already long become acclimated to western civilization after meeting John Lithgow and Don Amenche in the late 1980s.