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Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” fame responded on Facebook Monday to public criticism over his narration of a new Walmart commercial advocating a $250 billion campaign to create manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

“Last night during the Olympics, a commercial started running called “I Am a Factory.” It’s part of a larger campaign sponsored by Walmart, called “Work Is a Beautiful Thing.” The commercial features real people doing real work in real factories all across America. It’s not very glamorous, but it’s honest and authentic, and I was honored to narrate it,” Rowe posted to his Facebook just after midnight.

The Ford spokesman answered numerous questions posed to him by those supportive and skeptical of the manufacturing campaign.

“Hey, I am on your side here, I want “made in America” too but make you’re sure on the side of the WORKER not the corporate greed side ok Mike? Love ya,” said Rose Marie Bayless.

Rowe responds by saying, “Love ya back, Rose, but no thanks. You offer up a false and dangerous choice. The world is bigger than “Workers vs. Bosses,” and so is this campaign. Remember, Walmart thrives because a majority of Americans like to shop there. Like Apple, Discovery, Ford, and Facebook, Walmart does not exist for the purpose of employing people. No successful company does. Walmart’s first order of business is to serve their customer. Ultimately, the customer calls the shots. Not management. Not labor. Jobs are just a happy consequence of that success.”


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