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In the immediate aftermath of this year’s deeply polarizing election, about half of the country celebrated. Another half, decidedly, did not.

A new website,, is collecting and posting Tweets from Trump supporters who have gone from the former category to the latter. In the weeks since the election, some watching President-Elect Donald Trump have started to have regrets based on what he’s done and said, or failed to do or say. From what he’s said on Twitter to his Cabinet selection to failing to jail Hillary Clinton, as promised often, many aren’t happy.

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Some are reneging based on Trump backing down from promises to deport millions, build a wall, or imprison onetime opponent Hillary Clinton.

Others are now worried that benefits of theirs, including Social Security and protection from preexisting conditions under Obamacare, are threatened under a Trump presidency. (They could be.) It’s unclear why Trump supporters in this category voted for him despite promises to abolish Obamacare and the assembly of a conservative Cabinet, including the appointment of fiscal conservative Mick Mulvaney (R-SC) to the position of Director of the White House Office of Budget and Management. As someone who supports a balanced budget and smaller government, it is unlikely that Mulvaney will leave Social Security, a government program that’s on track to bleed money in the near future, alone.

Patrick is a content editor for Rare.
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