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O.J. Simpson might be a free man at some point this year.

And if he is paroled just nine years into his 33-year sentence for kidnapping, robbery and assault, he could have $2.7 million in NFL pension money waiting for him, according to a report from the Sunday Express.

The New York Post reports that the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman won’t see a penny, as a pension cannot be collected for outstanding claims. Simpson has paid very little of the $33.5 million he owes their families after he was found civilly liable in 1997 for their deaths.

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In 2007, Simpson and others stole about 800 sports memorabilia items from a Las Vegas hotel room. That came a little more than 10 years after he was acquitted of the murders of Brown, his ex-wife, and her friend Goldman. Simpson has spent the last nine years at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada after being convicted of the heist.

The disgraced former NFL star, who was once beloved for his graceful moves on the football field and his charm off it, said he would seek out the killer himself while always maintaining his innocence in the double murder.

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The 1994 trial returned to the spotlight with the 2016 release of “The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story” on FX, plus ESPN’s “O.J.: Made in America,” which won an Oscar on Sunday for Best Documentary. It is the first-ever TV series to win an Oscar.