According to POLITICO, Fox Business host Eric Bolling, who has long been one of President-elect Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters at the network, could be leaving TV and taking a position in the administration.

POLITICO sites a source within the Trump camp that says that Bolling is being considered for a position in the Department of Commerce. Prior to his time as a TV personality, Bolling worked on Wall Street as a commodities trader.

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POLITICO claims that Bolling may have met with Trump at two different junctures this week.

When contacted by the media outlet, he couldn’t confirm the post.

“At this time I can’t confirm anything,” Bolling told POLITICO. “I’m sure you understand.”

Throughout the 2016 presidential election, Bolling made headlines numerous times for his loyalty to Trump.

After Trump’s presidential victory, Bolling gloated that he had known all along he would win.

“Call me crazy but I may be the only one who isn’t surprised by “president-elect” Donald Trump…Night all,” Bolling wrote.

One of Donald Trump’s biggest Fox News cheerleaders might be joining the administration (Photo by Carlo Allegri/Invision/AP)
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