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Any cop with a few years of experience has at least a dozen stories that can raise some eyebrows, but one officer has a hilariously unique tale after a raccoon decided to go for a joy ride on his windshield.

On Thursday, the Colorado Springs Police Department posted pictures of the rascally little guy.

Apparently, Officer Frabbiele was en route to an accident when the raccoon hopped up on his windshield.

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Thankfully, the cop was able to pull over and the hitchhiker scurried to safety. The tiny trash panda’s ride along has caused quite a stir on social media where the department’s Facebook post has been shared over 1,300 times. And, the jokes abounded: one commenter declared, “Those thug raccoons will stop at nothing,” while a handful of others made “Guardians of the Galaxy” references.

It seems that he got off (this time) with only a warning.

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