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On Thursday night, comedian Seth Meyers continued his months long denunciation of President-elect Donald Trump with an comparison to one of 2016’s biggest shows.

According to Meyers, Trump’s mind seems to exist somewhere akin to the “Upside Down” world in the Netflix show “Stranger Things.”

Meyers discussed Trump’s Wednesday afternoon press conference in which he denounced allegations that he paid Russian prostitutes to urinate on a bed that Barack and Michelle Obama once slept in. Meyers didn’t exactly support the accusation, but seemed to have problems with how Trump deflected the reports.

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Trump made a joke that the allegations couldn’t be true because he was a “germaphobe.”

“That’s the president-elect joking about how he couldn’t have been in a room where Russian prostitutes were peeing on each other because he’s a germaphobe, just for a ‘where we’re at as a nation,’ if you wanted to check in on that,” Meyers said. “Also, I know it’s a waste of time to keep pointing this stuff out, but in a 2015 Hollywood Reporter article, Trump said, ‘I’m not germaphobic.’ But whatever: up is down, black is white, and we should all just admit we’re living in the Upside-Down with Barb.”

Meyers had many problems with Trump’s Wednesday press conference, including the allegation that folders of “documents” Trump presented to the press were all empty.

“Even if you were doing a middle school play, you’d write something on the folders to make it look real,” Meyers said.

The week before the inauguration has been an eventful one for Meyers. Earlier in the week, he spoke on air with top Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway.

“Shouldn’t we care if the Russians tried to interfere [in the 2016 presidential election], whether it affected the outcome of the election or not? Isn’t that something that — I sometimes fear that the president-elect has no curiosity as to the amount they tried,” Meyers challenged Conway.

“That is completely false. He has enormous curiosity,” Conway responded. “I’m there every day with him.”

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