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Starting July 1, public college and university students in Georgia schools will be allowed to carry concealed weapons on campuses with few restrictions even allowing them to carry concealed weapons to tailgates.

That’s according to USA Today, who adds that the University of Georgia is preparing to implement the new law and attempting to plan for its impact on the six home football games the university’s Bulldogs will play this season.

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A memo from University of Georgia Chancellor Steve Wrigley says the following:

I understand that many of you have strong feelings about this bill. Yet, whether you opposed or supported the legislation, it will soon be state law, and I respectfully ask everyone to exercise patience, understanding and respect as we implement it. We all share the same goal of ensuring a safe campus environment. We should work together to implement the law as written and thoughtfully address any complications that may arise.

Wrigley references House Bill 280, which allows anyone licensed to conceal and carry in Georgia to do so at public colleges and universities, as well as facilities leased or rented by public colleges and universities.

The bill makes exceptions for fraternity and sorority houses, certain campus locations, student housing, on-campus childcare, faculty and administrative offices, and disciplinary facilities. Under the new law, it’s still not legal to carry at any of these places, even with the proper permits.

And while it’s still illegal to carry in “buildings and property used for athletic sporting events,” the law specifically carves out “so-called tailgating areas where fans may congregate outside the gates of the sports facility” as spaces where concealed weapons may be carried.

Critics say that combination invites the mixing of guns and alcohol.

Under Georgia code, the consumption of alcohol while carrying a weapon is not prohibited. Here’s what Section §16-11-134, “Discharging firearm while under the influence of alcohol or drugs,” says about appropriate discharge of a firearm:

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