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A group of teachers at a Houston area junior high school are being disciplined after officials said they gave a student a certificate naming her “most likely to become a terrorist.”

 Lizeth Villanueva, 13, received the “award” during a mock award ceremony at Anthony Aguirre Junior High.

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The certificate was given to Lizeth a day after the Manchester arena attack in Great Britain, The Washington Post reported.

Lizeth said that when she was handed the paper, teachers laughed.

“(The teacher) said that some people might get offended, but she doesn’t really care about our feelings,” Lizeth told KHOU. “She was laughing about it.”

Other children were given certificates that said “most likely to cry for every little thing” and “most likely to become homeless,” The Post reported.

Lizeth’s mother wasn’t laughing when she saw what her daughter, who is in an advanced academic program and has not had a discipline issue, received.

She took her complaint to the school’s principal, who apologized.

A district spokesperson told KHOU that the teachers involved in the prank are being disciplined but did not say what disciplinary action is being taken.

Lizeth, who has not been back to class since she received the certificate, told KHOU what she would like to see happen to the teachers.

“Get fired, at least, or something,” she said.