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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A family is homeless after they were shot while moving into their North Memphis home.

The shooting happened Dec. 2 on Leath Street. Latquanta Davis said the day is one she will never forget.

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“We were moving into our house,” she said. “We had just (gotten) the keys and we were waiting on the landlord to bring the heaters.”

She said as they waited, the family’s dogs ran out the door and into the neighbor’s yard.

“The neighbor said that the dogs scared his baby and so we apologized to the neighbor, you know, (to) try to resolve the issue and everything,” Davis said.

She said the neighbor sent a group of men in a vehicle to shoot at her and her family.

“They shot me four times,” Davis said. “They shot my son two times. They shot my husband two times.”

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Davis said she was in the hospital for 23 days in critical condition. During this time, the family lost their home.

“I can’t work,” Davis said. “I got out the hospital on Christmas Day and had nowhere to go — no house to go to. (I) can’t go back to bed or anything.”

On New Year’s Day, Davis said she prayed the year would be one in which people in Memphis use words to deal with conflict, instead of violence.

“I’m just sad,” she said. “I really am, because it didn’t have to happen — especially when we told you we were sorry. … (Y)ou still shot at us.”

Davis said she and her family are separated, living with different relatives until they can find a new home.

The family created a GoFundMe page to raise funds for a new housing.

The Memphis Police Department declined to discuss the details of the case.

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