The nation has been overwhelmed by the tragic deaths of several Chattanooga elementary school children in a Monday morning school bus accident.

As we learn more about the crash, we are discovering more about those involved in the incident.

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Johnthony Walker, the driver of the school bus, is being heavily criticized for driving too fast. One child even said that, moments before the crash, Walker cried, “I hope you’re ready to die.”

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Walker’s mother recently spoke to CNN and painted a different picture of her son. She said that after the crash, he called her and said he tried to pull children from the wrecked bus, but “there was too much blood.”

Walker was apparently driving well over the speed limit when the bus crashed into a tree. But his mother said that he is a “marvelous son.” She offered her condolences to the victims, saying, “sending out mine and our condolences to every family that God touched yesterday in this horrible accident. And I am asking for compassion also for my son.”

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Walker is currently being charged with five counts of vehicular homicide and reckless endangerment. According to WSMV, his bond is set at more than $107,500.

The Chattanooga school bus driver’s mother is asking for compassion and says her son is “marvelous” (Bruce Garner/Chattanooga Fire Department via Chattanooga Times Free Press via AP)
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