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Across the nation, protesters have organized to fight for $15 an hour as the minimum wage. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that McDonald’s in over 350 cities have been targeted for civil protests. And, as with all protests that begin with civil disobedience, arrests are happening throughout the nation. In New York City, the protesters have congregated at the same area that the “Occupy Wall Street” protests occurred.

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The Post also reported that 34 people were arrested in Cambridge, Mass. Tuesday’s protests are the first that have arisen over the “Fight for 15” since Donald Trump was elected. And while Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders championed the movement, Trump said during a primary debate that wages are “too high” and in a follow-up said that he would “not raise the minimum wage.”

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Several states, including Colorado and Washington, voted in November to raise the minimum wage. Many of the protesters that have said that they’re living below the poverty level and that they’re just hoping for a minimum wage that will allow them to support their families.

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