HORT PUMP, Va. — A woman and her daughter who were shopping Tuesday night at a Virginia Walmart got a shock when they spotted a bizarre item in a shopping cart located in the store’s vestibule.

A dead deer, still dripping blood, had been placed in a store cart. Boxes appeared to have been placed on top of the carcass.

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Denise Collier-Bailey told WTVR that she and her daughter did a double take after they walked into the store and her daughter asked, “Did you see that deer in the shopping cart?” The daughter took a photo, which quickly made the rounds on social media.

Walmart spokesman Charles Crowson confirmed the incident to WTVR, but said that the dead deer was only in the store’s vestibule, and not in an area where merchandise is sold. The men who placed the deer in the cart were told by the store manager to take the deer and leave store property, Crowson said.

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A spokesman for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries said the men might have been hunters attempting to have the deer recorded under state law, but the Walmart store was not an approved check station.

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