NEW YORK — President-elect Donald Trump is nearing a settlement in the Trump University fraud case, according to Reuters.

An unnamed source was cited in reports from Reuters, CNBC and the New York Daily News. The source said Trump will agree to pay between $20 million and $25 million to settle the fraud lawsuits involving former students of Trump University. The settlement will not require Trump to admit fault, according to the source.

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Disgruntled former students of Trump University claimed that they paid up to $35,000 to learn real estate secrets from the business tycoon but that the courses fell far short of promises, with no direct contact with Trump. In his defense, Trump said Trump University had a 98 percent approval rating on student evaluations. Trump University closed in 2010.

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Earlier this month, Judge Gonzalo Curiel urged both sides to try to reach a settlement, according to Reuters.

There has been no official confirmation of a settlement from Trump or anyone else involved in the case.

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