A church is supposed to be a place for unity. But a sign outside a Virginia church is dividing residents.

“Remember, Satan was the first to demand equal rights,” reads the sign outside Taylor Road Baptist Church, referencing the book of Isaiah, WTVR reports.

The sign has been up since Sunday, long enough to attract a lot of attention.

Many drivers are doing double takes when seeing the sign on the busy road through the southern Virginia town of Chesapeake.

“I was frustrated and angry at the time,” said Terri Young. “When I drove by it, I wasn’t sure I read it right. So I did a U-turn.”

Pastor Mel Kunkle didn’t want to be interviewed, but said the sign’s message was about evil, not a particular group, though he said he understands people are offended.

“I mean, what is that teaching children then?” Young said. “It’s not okay to ask for equal rights? If you do, and someone else thinks you shouldn’t have them. That you equal Satan? I don’t get it.”

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