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During a recent run-in with TMZ in New York City, actor Adam Pally was asked what he would do if time travel were real. Pally currently stars in “Making History,” a Fox comedy about a man who can time travel.

Without even thinking, Pally said that he would go back in time to kill President Donald Trump or Adolf Hitler. Pally quickly amended his answer to say that he wouldn’t kill the duo if he could time travel, but would instead provide them with the love he feels they never had.

“I’d have to kill Trump or Hitler…maybe I’d go back and love them more so they wouldn’t do these things,” Pally said.

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Pally’ quick pivot may have been influenced by the barrage of criticism rapper Snoop Dogg received about his own Trump comments. Snoop recently appeared in a video where he pointed a gun at a man dressed as a clown version of Donald Trump.

On Thursday, Pally continued to troll the first family. He used his Twitter feed to encourage followers to send photos of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Trump adviser Jared Kushner. Kushner is married to Trump’s older daughter, Ivanka Trump, who has befriended Trudeau.

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