The news of Fidel Castro’s death sent shockwaves through the world, but perhaps nowhere were the reactions as strong as in South Miami — where a sizable Cuban population relocated decades ago when Fidel Castro took power in their home country.

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As reaction videos and live footage from the streets of Miami have continued to emerge online, one woman’s video in particular has gone viral. Ivis Suarez shared a video on Facebook of her grandmother learning the news of the dictator’s death.

Suarez captioned the video: “Not even Alzheimer’s could take away the emotions my abuela Ata felt when she found out that monster had died! Thanks to her, my family is in this country today. #GoodRiddanceFidel”

As soon as her granddaughter tells her the news of Castro’s death, the elder woman can’t contain her overwhelming emotions.

(h/t NBC Miami)

Woman shares her Cuban grandmother’s emotional reaction to learning the news of Fidel Castro’s death NBC Miami/Screenshot
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