The Guggenheim museum in New York City has a restroom that’s quite literally a “work of art.” Italian artist and sculptor Maurizio Cattelan has installed a toilet in the bathroom of the world-famous museum that’s solid gold. The 18-carat gold “throne” is fully functional and is officially called “America.” The Guggenheim website describes the masterpiece as “an extravagant luxury product seemingly intended for the 1 percent.”

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Unfortunately if you’re planning to take a squat in style, you’re going to have to wait in line. Vulture reported that the average wait for the toilet was 2 hours, and from the social media buzz surrounding the attraction, most of that time seems to be spent taking toilet selfies rather than answering the call of nature.

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Cattelan is something of a provocateur in the art world, his last exhibition that turned heads was a sculpture of Pope John Paul II being crushed by a meteor. A curator at the museum told NPR in September that “America” will require a little more upkeep than the other toilets, saying, “our sculpture conservator has done studies on the material and will be using a form of steam cleaning and special wipes.”

You don’t have to be Donald Trump to use this solid gold toilet Twitter/Davide F.
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