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WEST HELENA, Ark. – Police in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas, released disturbing video after a child went to the hospital for food poisoning after eating at an area KFC restaurant.

A citizen contacted police through the Police Department’s Facebook page and shared video of the chicken they say they got at the Kentucky Fried Chicken at 789 Sebastian in West Helena, Arkansas.

The video shows maggots crawling all over pieces of fried chicken.

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The woman told police she had gone to the restaurant on Oct. 2 and that her son became ill after eating the food.

The woman said she took the 5-year-old to the emergency room where he began gagging and throwing up.

She told police she contacted the KFC manager, but that no one had called her back.

Helena-West Helena police said this is not a criminal matter, but the department chose to release the video to make the public aware.

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