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A North Carolina Domino’s pizza manager did something very cruel to a customer as payback on Monday.

Delphine Parker claims her husband waited for than an hour to get a pizza they ordered from a local Domino’s in Laurinburg. Her husband, who works Duke Energy said staff asked his name over and over again and waited on dozens of customers before giving him his pizza. When he confronted the manager, asking him why the wait was so long the manager said, “Do you think it should take 3 days to get my power back on? It didn’t even rain at my house.”

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As you can imagine, Delphine’s husband was completely taken back by the manager’s response. He went on to say that Duke employees have been working around the clock to try and get power back up in many areas.

Linejunk who uploaded a a photo of the receipt to Facecbook, along with the story wrote, “They have gone without power, without water, without showers, without food for long periods, and are away from their families to help ungrateful people like you. You that have NO understanding of how electrical distribution and repair works.”

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“Fortunately, most people do not act like this group of people…but you…employee #8198…be assured you will have a formal complaint filed against you in corporate so good luck,” Linejunk wrote.

The post, which has shared more than 20,000 times has gotten quite a response.

“Kudos to the Duke Energy guy for still leaving a tip despite the service. Better man than I am,” one commenter wrote.

Although we’re not sure whether or not the manager was punished in some way, we can be sure that Domino’s location has lost many customers.

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