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Despite Donald Trump reminding anyone who will listen just how very loved he is, there is one Ohio farmer who is not a fan.

Jerry Slankard of Tuscarawas Count decided to make his position clear by spelling out “No Trump” with manure on his field visible from Interstate 77.

His granddaughter, 23-year-old grand daughter Ashley Slankard, shared a photo of the political statement and it went viral. After mentioning her grandfather used manure for messages before she added “He’s so spunky. It made me happy. He’s still got it!”

In response, a local Trump fan called up Slankard, advocating for Trump on the bases he was not after money, local news reports.

“It’s just he doesn’t have any political experience, not to mention he’s a bully,” Slankard responded.

“If I’m going to hire someone, I’d want to hire somebody with some experience,” he later added. “And if I don’t know anything of what I’m doing, I’m not the right guy to hire to start with.”

Slankard said he does not support any of the remaining candidates but no one driving down I-77 can miss seeing or smelling who he does not support.

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