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Ana Navarro has become an outspoken critic of the campaign and character of former reality-television star and current presidential nominee Donald Trump. Navarro, a Republican commentator and strategist, has recently made known her disapproval of Donald Trump’s actions through several clips of her on CNN that have gone viral.

Most recently, she appeared after the controversy surrounding a tape of Donald Trump speaking crudely about women and called Trump out for using specific language.

“I think that every single Republican is going to have to answer the question, ‘What did you do the day you saw the tape of this man boasting about grabbing a woman’s p***y?” said Navarro, before being interrupted by Scottie Nell Hughes, who asked Navarro not use that word because her daughter was watching.

“You know what Scottie? Don’t tell me you’re offended when I say ‘pussy,’ but you’re not offended when Donald Trump says it!” Navarro responded.

The program went to break, and when it returned, Navarro was absent from the panel. She tweeted this:

Today, Navarro tweeted this in response to the video being made public:

It’s interesting to see the reactions that even some Republicans are having to Donald Trump’s antics.

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