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For those who celebrate Christmas, some celebrate Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas. Some use them interchangeably. Now, BBC is reporting that a German charity wants to erase any mention of Santa Claus at all.

According to the Bonifatiuswerk charity, a Catholic organization, the “western” image of Santathe one most of us are familiar withrepresents an over-commercialized Christmas. As part of a plan to preserve “Christian traditions and values,” the charity hopes to re-emphasize the celebration of the Feast Day of St. Nicholas, which falls on December 6.

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They’ve launched a campaign and accompanying festival in the Bavarian town of Passau to promote St. Nicholas over Santa Claus. That festival featured a “Santa-Free Zone” for children, which was attended by German reality television stars and a local bishop.

They even want to see candies change.

In lieu of the traditional santa-shaped goodies, Bonifatiuswerk hopes to get Germans to share St. Nicholas-shaped fair trade chocolates. It means “St Nicholas’ boots won’t be filled with ungodly Santas.”

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