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An 18-year-old Indian teen had a growth removed this week that is something you don’t see too often.

It was a vestigial tail of seven inches removed in an hour long surgery, The Daily Mail reports.

The man was born with the growth, but parents hid it to avoid any social stigma.

Usually, such a growth disappears, but this one did not. If left untreated, it can affect the function of other limbs.

One of the doctors who operated, Dr. Pramod Giri, commented on the growth. “This is an extremely rare case and we have not seen such an abnormality here before. He was admitted only after he complained of extreme pain in his lower back, problems while sleeping and sitting.”

The vestigial tail is something that occurs in the womb before the spine is developed, but usually is absorbed by the spine. In some very rare cases, infants are born with the growth.

The doctor pointed out how much this abnormality was affecting him.

“He is very happy. He is now very comfortable while sleeping and sitting. He says he feels more confident about himself now.”

“I feel liberated now as I am not a Monkey God anymore,” he said, according the The Sun, once the growth was removed. Many people teased him as “monkey god” because of the tail.

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