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Warning: The following footage is very disturbing. 

LeMonde journalist Daniel Psenny captured video Friday night of people fleeing the Le Bataclan concert hall after a group of terrorists opened fire on the venue.

Psenny, who lives across the street from the venue, captured several disturbing minutes of footage that shows concertgoers rushing out of a side exit as shots rain down through the night.

In the panic, people run right over bodies strewn around the street and exit as they flee.

Several people in the building can be seen attempting to climb out windows while they scream to patrons down below for help.

Later in the evening, Psenny left his apartment to help people get inside to safety. He was shot in the arm and later treated at a local hospital.

Though reports are sparse, but this may mean that the terrorists inside the venue went outside at some point in an attempt to kill people who were wounded or tending to the wounded.

Douglas Barclay is the Entertainment Editor at Rare. Follow him on Twitter @douglabarclay17
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