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The lengths some people go to risk their irreplaceable lives for the sake of replaceable technology is patently absurd.

While the risk in this case didn’t seem to be too extreme, the fact remains that one woman in China dropped her iPhone into the freezing Longtan Lake and dove in after it fully clothed.

People’s Daily, China posted the story with photographs on Facebook.

“Another iPhone craze?” the publication wrote. “A woman was seen diving in 2-meter-deep Longtan Lake in Beijing on Feb 18 to pick up her iphone 5, which accidentally fell into the water. The temperature in Beijing on Feb 18 was -2°C to 9°C.”

It looks like everything ended up working out, but how would you have reacted in this situation? Would you cut your losses or would you dive headlong into freezing water for a phone that is probably already destroyed?

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