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The tears started flowing from a “Good Morning Britain” guest who took some serious heat from host Piers Morgan, who many Americans might remember from his time at CNN.

What got Morgan so worked up? He called the mom (er, “mum”), Sarah, “the worst kind of parent” as she defended her decision to invoice a friend after her daughter’s £325 red leather boots were marked with pen during a play date.

Sarah said, “If you sent your child somewhere to be looked after by a responsible parent and they came back with scratches on their body…”

But before she could finish making her point, Morgan replied, “But you’re not a responsible parent.”

Sarah then told Morgan he has “no idea” about her parenting skills, and Morgan interjected with, “You’re the worst kind.”

“That is awful. You have no idea about me or my past or my life,” Sarah shot back. “My daughter is healthy, happy and is up to date on everything.”

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Morgan wasn’t quite done insulting the tearful mom: “There will not be a mother or father watching this interview who is not looking at you thinking, ‘What on earth are you doing buying a 3-year-old girl 60 pairs of shoes?'”

“I’ve had so much abuse, you don’t even understand. You have absolutely no idea,” Sarah replied. “This is nothing to do with my parenting and it is not fair. You know when I was younger, I got abused and everything? And this is over a pair of shoes.”

Morgan asked what that had to do with their current conversation, and Sarah said, “It has everything to do with the cyber-bullying and people having a go constantly.”

The host later refused to apologize, and Sarah told The Sun she suffered a panic attack backstage after Morgan finished berating her.

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Sarah continued to equate scratches on her daughter’s shoes with physical scratches on her body.

“If your child comes back with scratches on their body, you’d be like ‘what’s happened?'” Sarah said. “It’s the same with her shoes. She’s not supposed to go outside with them. Wherever she goes, she goes with a bag of other shoes. Obviously shoes get scuffed on the soles, but these look like they’ve been worn for a year, not for a few hours. There’s also a big black mark on the toe where they’ve been drawn on. I was devastated when I saw them.”