The stuff of nightmares became real life for 8-year-old Abbie Kinnaird, who was bitten by a venomous recluse spider that left a gruesome hole in the top of her hand, requiring emergency surgery and a skin graft.

And now, the little girl’s family is being told not to go back to their home in England because of a suspected infestation of false widows and brown recluse spiders. It’s enough to send chills down our spines.

The spider that infected Abbie’s hand apparently fell from the ceiling in the bathroom, and — think about this squirminess — two more were found in her bed. The awful bite kept Abbie in the hospital for four days, and her mother says she’s terrified to go home.

“The [pest control] man said he could only see a couple of spiders but once he started spraying he saw more of them including brown recluse spiders and false widows,” Abbie’s mother, Hayley Kinnaird, told the Daily Mail. “He said that they could be hiding in toys and clothing and there was a risk that some spiders would remain for several weeks until they come into contact with the pesticide.”

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“He didn’t recommend coming back to the house,” Hayley Kinnaird added.

Abbie, her 10-year-old brother Rhys, and their mother have been staying with her grandmother in her one-bedroom home.

The bite started innocently as a red spot on Abbie’s hand before it started to become painful, inflamed and discolored — it turned black. A visit to a clinic netted rounds of antibiotics. But when the bite had not improved over the course of a week, and in fact worsened by developing bumps on Abbie’s arm and a rash, her mother took her to the hospital.

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“We were told she would need a skin graft and within a couple of hours she was sent into surgery,” Hayley Kinnaird said. “They cut out all the black and flushed out whatever was inside.”

Hopefully the family will be able to return safely home. And hopefully when they do, little Abbie will be able to put the thought of big, ugly spiders in her bed out of her mind.

Venomous spiders invaded a home and left a gruesome hole on top of an 8-year-old girl’s hand Associated Press