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Bernie Sanders isn’t holding back in his criticism of the Republicans’ new health care bill.

Sanders (I-Vt.) told reporters on Capitol Hill Monday that the bill would cause thousands to “die.”

“If this legislation is passed and millions of people are thrown off of health insurance, not able to get to a doctor when they must,” Sanders said, according to Politico, “thousands of Americans will die. That’s what this legislation is about. And it must be defeated. I hope there is enough sense among some of the Republicans to vote against it.”

His comments came after the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) revealed that 24 million fewer Americans would have health coverage under the bill.

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“I think that legislation is disgusting. It is immoral,” he said

Democrats, on their own, can’t stop the bill because Republicans only need a simple majority, which they have, to pass it.

However, many conservative and moderate Republicans have expressed concern about the bill.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) told “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning that this bill “doesn’t repeal Obamacare.”

“This bill doesn’t unite Republicans,” he continued. “This bill doesn’t bring down the cost of premiums. […] There’s a reason every major conservative organization in the country is opposed to this legislation.”

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