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Black female doctors have been tweeting their support an OB/GYN that was the victim of racial bias in a critical situation.

Tamika Cross, a resident at the University of Texas Health Science Center, was on a Delta Airlines flight from Detroit when a man needed medical assistance. Cross, who is black, was dismissed by a flight attendant who asked that she provide proper credentials while not requiring the same for another man who claimed to be a physician.

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Now, an online campaign from other black female doctors has seen women coming out in support of Dr. Cross, #WhatADoctorLooks like. The hashtag consists of tweeting out a picture and a message of support to Cross.

Dr. Cross has expressed that she doesn’t want the flight attendant fired, but that she does want her to attend sensitivity training.

Hopefully, this campaign can help dispel some of the stereotypes that could have killed the man on that plane and help people realize that anyone can be a doctor.

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