The last words of the pilot of flight LMI2933 carrying the Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense and others, which tragically crashed and killed 71 of 77 passengers on board as it traveled from Santa Cruz, Bolivia to Medellín, Columbia have emerged.

Pilot Miguel Alejandro Quiroga Murakami was heard on the airwaves by another pilot named Juan Sebastian Upegui calling for help.

“There’s no fuel,” “We have total electronic failure,” “Help us” and “We’re going down,” were among the last words Quiroga, according to the Daily Mail.

“The GPS isn’t working, I don’t know what’s happening.”

“We have total electronic failure, total electronic failure. Vector to proceed for landing!”

“Now I don’t have radar contact. Vector to proceed for landing! Vector to proceed for landing!”

“We’re going down. Help us! Give us the vectors for the runway! Vectors for the runway! We’re at 1,000 feet!”

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The mayday occurred minutes before the plane was scheduled to land.

Videos of soccer players in good spirits who did not know that they would soon die in a plane crash have been circulating.

Videos of the players smiling and laughing as they boarded also emerged.

Moving moments of silence in their memory have occurred.

Players who did not board the flight were distraught over the news.

Fox Sports employees Deva Pascovicci, Mario Sergio, Paulo Julio Clement, Victorino Chermont, Rodrigo Santana and Lilacio Junior were also killed in the crash.

Only three players, two crew members and one journalist survived the crash.

The soccer team was set to compete in the South American Cup finals on Wednesday.

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