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John Oliver, HBO’s host of “Last Week Tonight,” had a few words to say about the latest General Motors scandal that cost the lives of 13 people before their recall of 1.6 million cars. Not only is this tragic, it could have been avoided all together.

It’s come to light that GM knew about the defects in their cars since 2001. As John Oliver put it “A child attending her first day of school on the day you found out, would be old enough to die driving one of your cars the day you f*cking did something about it.” For those keeping numbers, that’s a 13-year gap between the discovery of the problem and them fixing it.

The car company even went so far as to tell families of the victims that they didn’t have enough evidence of any defect in their cars, and even threatened to come after the family of one of the victims for the cost of legal fees if they did not withdraw their lawsuit.

So, what’s the real damage for GM by the government? A grand total of $35 million which, as Oliver rightly points out, was probably a lot of money … back in the 1930s.

Toyota is also facing charges for similar “oversights” and being fined by the government for a similar to the tune of $1.2 billion.

That’s some gap in fines between the companies.

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