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A kid who’d experienced ringing in his ears and hardness of hearing for about a month visited Dr. Paul. Dr. Paul seems to be the kind of guy who just happens to have camera people hanging around. You know, just in case something, or really someone with something interesting happens to visit his clinic. That probably explains his YouTube channel.

Well, take a look at what was found. You can take several looks if you want to because we’re talking about 6 minutes of ear stuff here.

Dr. Paul just happens to have something called a Firefly Video Otoscope, which it turns out is a handy thing to have if you like to look inside of ears and record what you see. You can have one too, if you want. Amazon or Jet can help you out with that.

The Firefly maybe has some kind of filter on it to make gross things look pretty. The stuff in this kid’s ear looks like jewels. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Let’s compare and contrast:

Dr. Paul: “You could make a ring out of that.”

Dr. Paul: “That’s a beautiful thing!”

Kid: Uhh, it’s disgusting.


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The next step was the draining session, and man, was it disgusting. We still couldn’t look away.

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At the end of it all, this is what the doctor collected in a bowl.


Just wow.

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