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Cara Treherne and her friends were approaching the 14th hole at a South African golf course when they spotted two venomous mambas battling on the green.

“I drove up a small rise and saw movement out of the corner of my eye,” she said. “At first glance, I thought it was a spitting cobra that had its hood up, but after a closer inspection, I then saw it was actually two mambas. I quickly flagged the other two players in my four ball to slow down.”

Treherne filmed the battle in a video that has since been uploaded to YouTube after alerting other nearby golfers.

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“It was amazing to watch and seemed to go on for ages,” she continued. “We debated about carrying on playing the hole, but after a little while longer, we decided to drive past them at a wide berth and go to the next hole.”

The snakes eventually grew tired of their fight and departed the course without either becoming the clear winner. Treherne and her friends moved on with their game but continued to be distracted by what they had just witnessed.

“We found concentrating on golf quite difficult over the next few holes,” she said. “I feel this was a once in a lifetime sighting. And so always make sure you have a camera on this golf course. There is always something exciting that can happen. I just wish I would have I had a better camera with me.”

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