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New York Daily News reporter and Civil Rights activist Shaun King wants to uncover the identity of a vile, loudmouth white woman who degraded a Hispanic man at a mall.

The nastiness was caught on cell phone video. King often receives videos and other information revealing the dark side of some Americans, and on Sunday he shared the latest example on social media. The video showed an unidentified white woman in a mall in Manassas, Va., calling a fellow mall-goer a “s**c” after he seemingly was just trying to help her out.

The woman goes on to say that she’s totally offended to hear this person speak Spanish “in [her] country.”

Why someone was recording the woman having a conversation on her cell phone in the first place isn’t known. But it might have been because of the derogatory manner in which the woman was speaking — it sounds like a discussion with an employee of a store she’s having an apparent issue with — and doing so at a volume quite audible to those around her.

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At the start of the video, she is heard saying she’s in Manassas, “in the ghetto.” She tells the person on the other end of the phone that a company has “probably five stores in Manassas, and none of them wanted to do anything.”

At that point a male voice can be heard chiming in: “They have one in Fairfax.”

The woman wants none of it, looks disgusted that someone would have the nerve to jump into her phone call and snaps back: “I wasn’t talking to you. And don’t listen to my conversation.”

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Then she just gets vile: “Well, you better watch who the f**k you’re talking to, cause I’m not the one.”

The male voice is then heard saying, “My name is Juan.”

More vulgarity from the woman: “I don’t give a f**k what your name is.”

“Alright,” he responds, still off-camera.

“You see my husband standing there, right?” she says, seemingly making a threat.

“Yeah, I see him,” the man says.

“Keep talking s**t and watch and see if you don’t meet that, ” she responds angrily.

The woman then nibbles at her fingernails: “I ain’t got no nails on. I’ll f*****g fight today, cause I ain’t got s**t to break.” She then launches into a racist tirade: “I ain’t scared of no f*****g s**c. This is my f*****g country.”

The man then casually strolls into view of the camera and says, “Take it easy,” as he walks away.

The woman continues to make racist comments, this time assuming that the man she’s talking to is an immigrant: “They need to take his f*****g ass back to Mexico.”

She the apparently turns to the husband she referenced earlier: “You wanna go outside and fight him? That might be your chance, so you can really get some blood out of that fat f****r.”