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ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. — A 34-year-old Altamonte Springs, Florida, woman was arrested Thursday after Seminole County deputies discovered video online of her letting a 7-year-old boy drive on public roads, officials said.

The video was first brought to the attention of investigators when a Seminole County Sheriff’s Office school resource deputy saw it on social media and realized he that knew the boy who was driving.

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“The (school resource deputy) recognized the child as being a 7-year-old student of the school he is assigned to,” a sheriff’s office release said.

The deputy reported the video to the Crimes Against Children Unit at the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, which initiated an investigation.

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The child, who was not identified, was picked up at the bus stop by the woman in the video, who let him get behind the wheel of her vehicle, deputies said.

The boy drove about 28 mph for about one-third of a mile along narrow two-lane streets, the sheriff’s office said.

The person filming the boy was later identified as Kwaniqua Glenn, who was arrested and charged with child neglect and allowing an unauthorized person to drive a motor vehicle, authorities said.

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