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Recently obtained surveillance video shows a Florida teacher kissing a 10-year-old male student in his classroom.

Brian Kornbluth, 28, was arrested in February after the principal at Somerset Academy in Boca Raton reported the incident to police. The principal told police that he had been notified by another teacher about Kornbluth’s unusual requests to have certain students moved into his class. The principal then re-positioned the camera in Kornbluth’s classroom so that it faces his desk, leading to the discovery of his inappropriate conduct.

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The video, recently released by police, shows the February incident in which Kornbluth was alone in his classroom with one student. In the footage, the student walks over to the teacher’s desk, where Kornbluth then briefly kisses him on the lips.

When police interviewed the student’s sister after reviewing the video, she informed them that the teacher had also kissed her once when she was attending the school. Kornbluth was also accused of trading gummy bears for kisses. He later admitted to kissing the student, but denied kissing his sister.

Earlier this month, he pleaded guilty to one battery charge and was sentenced to a year of probation. His attorney indicated that he is not currently teaching, but plans to continue his career as a teacher at another school, which she claims he is allowed to do while on probation.

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