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Hurricane Matthew continued to wreak havoc on Florida Thursday as strong winds and flooding affected communities to varying degrees of severity.

Reporter Russell Colburn tweeted dramatic footage of approximately 20 people trapped inside a bed and breakfast in Saint Augustine Florida — they decided to stay put in the city despite Florida Governor Rick Scott’s plea that residents evacuate the area. According to Action News Jax, there are children inside the house as well.

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Mayor Nancy Shaver told CNN that authorities have spoken to those inside and determined they are not guests of the inn. “Those are actually apparently young people who have chosen to stay there. We have been in contact with them, and they have told us they really don’t wish to have any assistance,” she said.

Even if they did wish to leave, though, they wouldn’t be able to. No first responders are going out into the storm at this time. “That is an evacuation zone. Whoever is there right now certainly should have evacuated some time ago,” the mayor added.

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