Regardless of what you think of the current political climate in America, no matter how outlandish the attacks or fiery the arguments, at least disagreements between politicians (usually) never end in fisticuffs. In countries like the Ukraine, however, this blunt method of dealing with political vitriol is not off the table.

Take, for example, this most recent incident in Ukrainian parliament when Oleh Lyashko, the leader of Radical Party, was attacked by Opposition Party leader Yuriy Boyko after Lyashko claimed that Boyko was secretly working with Russian President Vladmir Putin.

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“Boyko and [Ukrainian lawmaker Serhiy] Lyovochkin travel to Moscow government cabinets to receive instructions from the Kremlin. Instructions must be received from your own people, from Ukrainians,” an impassioned Lyashko said, before asking why Ukraine’s Security Service had not thrown him Boyko in prison.

That’s when Boyko launched into blows against his rival on not one, but two separate occasions before the men were separated.

With Ukraine-Russia relations not being the most ideal at the moment, it’s clear why accusations of working for the other side could end in blows. But hey, if Donald Trump decided to throw down with everyone who claimed that he was working shady deals with Putin, he’d have quite the fighting record on his tiny hands.

(h/t The Sun)

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