Over Thanksgiving weekend, a woman took to her Facebook to share a video that shows off an ugly interaction she witnessed at her local Michaels. According to Jesse Grady, a woman lashed out at employees after she was charged a fee for using a bag from the store (a common place practice in many states.)

Grady explained in a lengthy note along with the video that the woman invoked the name of President-elect Donald Trump to make her point.

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“She was threatening these women’s jobs, shouting that she was a Trump supporter, that African American women were discriminating against her, she called them animals, said it was reverse racism, etc,” Grady claims in a Facebook post that has since been taken down.

“She literally said to the (black) manager of this store, ‘You’re not my mother and I’ll do whatever I want to you!’ (The manager – this amazing woman, was calm as the sea!).”

According to Grady, the whole ordeal went on for some time, though she was only able to capture a portion of it.

In the video attached to her note, an irate woman can be seen screaming at Grady for taping her meltdown.

“I was just discriminated against by two black women […] and you being a white woman […] you thinking that’s OK […] I don’t know what you’re videoing,” the woman says, before she accuses the woman recording her

“Nobody cares,” Grady responds, after the woman says she voted for Trump.

“Go home to your pathetic life […] go home to your husband,” the customer says.

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